When Ryan Lochte talks about getting plastered, this probably isn't usually what he has in mind.

On this week's episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, Ryan wanted to give his favorite local bar, 101 Downtown, a piece of Lochte memorabilia in return for their many years of hospitality. But Alex, the bar's manager, wanted more than just a signed Speedo...he wanted a statue!

The experience wasn't terrible for Ryan; after all, he got to have the "cute assistant" rub oil on him before starting the plastering process. Plus, how many athletes can say they've had their abs bronzed?

VIDEO: Try your hand at this week's WWRLD Social Challenge!

With Jaimee back in England, we saw the beginnings of another potential relationship for Ryan with fellow Olympian Chantae. Chantae did the Heptathlon (which Lochte had a tough time remembering), so you know she's a fierce competitor. Their zip-lining race proved it, too.

Will Chantae and Ryan become an item? Tune in for all-new episodes of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Sundays at 10:30/9:30c to find out!


"Proving science actually works!"

"I always see babies and the clothes that they wear, and it's always horrible stuff"

"I trust Gene...but that look I saw, I don't trust"

"I think I butt tweeted last night"

"Half the time I don't even know what I'm writing. I just write it"

"I hate to say it, but the Lochte abs are famous"

"Has anyone ever died from this? Is this what you do to mummies? Is this going to rip my nipples off?"

"As a swimmer, I have really powerful lungs. Almost three lungs"

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