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    Miley Cyrus' Future Sister-in-Law, Elsa Pataky, Covers Women's Health Spanish Edition

    Elsa Pataky, Spanish Women's Health Courtesy: Women's Health

    Werk it, girl.

    Blond bombshell—and Miley Cyrus' future sister-in-law—Elsa Pataky showed off some of her best assets while gracing the cover of the upcoming issue of Spanish Women's Health.

    Chris Hemsworth's wife, who was strutting a similar haircut as Cyrus, gave a cute, over-the-shoulder pose, while rocking a tiny pair of red bottoms with a cropped white turtleneck tank. 

    Hemsworth and Pataky recently both attended the Inaugural Oceana Ball in New York, and stopped to talk to E! News about the constant media attention surrounding Miley and Liam Hemsworth's relationship.

    NEWS: Liam and Miley engagement still on, source confirms, amid intervention rumors

    Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth

    "We just want them to live a happy life," Hemsworth said, before Elsa added, "We don't want to get too much into their personal life; we just want them to be happy."

    With those statements in mind, it seemed surprising when a report surfaced yesterday claiming that Hemsworth's siblings had staged an intervention to try and talk him out of marrying the singer.

    Sure enough, an insider tells E! News that they have no knowledge of such a thing occurring and reassured us that the Hemsworth family has been nothing but supportive of Liam's leading lady, telling us that they have always been "very welcoming to the entire Cyrus family." The couple's engagement, we're told, is still on, although our source adds that Liam and Miley have yet to make wedding plans.

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