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Not following Amanda Bynes on Twitter? Well, you're really missing out.

The 26-year-old starlet has come down with a serious case of social media oversharing, constantly tweeting pics and posting her personal words of wisdom, while even asking Drake to murder her lady parts (or perhaps that was her imposter?).

But Bynes' isn't the only Twitter extraordinaire! There are slew of other celebs who are (almost) as awesome as our girl Amanda, keeping the Twitterverse entertaining 24/7.

Hey, the former Nickelodeon star may be the social media queen, but here are five other celebs whose feeds you should be following: 

Ryan Lochte, Tyra Banks, Twit Pic


1. Ryan Lochte: Ever since the Olympics, we've been obsessed with Ryan Lochte on Twitter, and the E! star continues not to disappoint. From his adorable spelling errors to his endless promotion of the hashtag #Jeah to his inability to delete accidental tweets, the sports stud is always entertaining (even when he's not trying to be). He also loves to promote his bangin' bod and even shares his deepest thoughts on the social media site. Oh, and then there's this: "Rocks, paper, siccor........" #Jeah, he's just the best. 

Anna Kendrick

Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa USA

2. Anna Kendrick: Her Twitter profile may say "pale, awkward and very small," but the Pitch Perfect star packs a whole lot of punch on her micro-blogging page. We can always count on Kendrick for a sarcastic comment or melodramatic tweet, and the pint-size celeb isn't afraid to show off her sassy side. "Friend: You know wearing sunglasses indoors just makes people notice you more. Me: Oh I'm not hiding, I'm hungover." Added bonus: She's equally as awesome on Instagram. 

Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Clarkson, Grammys

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

3. Ellen DeGeneres: It should come as no surprise the talk-show host is hilarious on Twitter, and we just can't get enough of her always-funny feed. We look forward to #ClassicJokeTuesday so we can peep Ellen's page for an entertaining gem, and we even moniter her feed for very important news announcements (like the Finding Nemo sequel). But our favorite thing about the funnygal is that she always finds humor in every situation. Case in point: "I love how more & more people are becoming aware of the importance of marriage equality. Now they're more than just aware. They're Delaware." Gotta love her! 

Retta, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


4. Retta: Love monitoring Twitter as you watch your favorite shows? Then you should definitely be following the Parks and Rec funnygal. She loves to live-tweet as she watches TV, and she's shamelessly unafraid to self-promote her feed. Oh, and she's also really, really funny. Here's a sampling, if you don't believe us: "Yoooo I don't know if y'all know but McDonald's fries are off the MF chain right now. #ThisS--tRiteCheah. Or this: "Is it juvenile of me that I love that there's a street in Boys' town called Hancock? #SorryNotSorry." And this: "Interesting note: Mary Kay Letourneau & her 5th grader baby daddy are still together. How do I hashtag $&%#? I'm still single. #TheF--K." Yeah, that deserves a follow back. 

Rihanna Topless

Courtesy of Instagram

5. Rihanna: We're not ashamed to admit we check Ri-Ri's Twitter and Instagram every day—because it's awesome. Seriously, girl isn't afraid to post cryptic Chris Brown messages, share nearly naked shots and even live tweet from the strip club. Oh, and in case you were curious about her thoughts on Ciara? Well, we'll let the tweets do the talking. BadGalRiRi, indeed. 

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