Those Vulcan ears are pretty damn seductive.

So, it makes sense that sexy-time suitors might want Zachary Quinto to bring those pointy things out and assume his Star Trek character between the sheets, right?

Well, on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night, Bravo's Andy Cohen asked the Star Trek Into Darkness hunk, "Has anyone has tried to get you to role-play as Spock in the bedroom?"

Quinto, 35, couldn't help but smirk. "No," he said, then without missing a beat added, "Not yet."  

Fair enough, and good to know the question isn't completely off the table. In fact, Quinto quipped that fans giving him pornographic art of himself is "exciting."

Also notable? "I've been given some panties—big ol' panties," he said. "It was literally like we could've both fit in them."

That would be quite a sight to see.

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