Rob Lowe


Rob Lowe can hang ten, braw!

And at 49 years young, the actor continues to crave adventure. On Monday, Rob hit the beaches in Oahu, Hawaii, but instead of catching some R&R under the sun, the Parks and Recreation star caught some tasty waves.

Looking legit in his black surfing gear, the actor apparently rode the tides like a pro.

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Rob also shared his action-packed vacation with his fans on Twitter. "North Shore surf Sunday. At Pipeline," he tweeted with a pic of his buff bod at shore. 

After an exhausting run in the water, the hunky actor then took a photo of a scenic sunset with the caption "Day is done. #Aloha" But no celebrity tweeting frenzy is complete without a selfie. Rob turned the camera back on himself chillaxing on the beach and wrote "Selfie at sea."

Totally, dude. 

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