Kelly Rutherford is turning her pain into passion for helping other mothers deal with children's custodial issues.

"I am going to be speaking in Washington for Mother's Day about what's going on in the court system," Rutherford told E! News at a Great Gatsby screening in NYC. "I've got a new calling in life."

The Gossip Girl star, who admitted to E! News last month that she was "on the brink of bancupty," has sought comfort in speaking with women who are going through similar family woes.

"I'm talking to other women who are going through similar things, it's incredible" she said. "There's a lot of reform that needs to be done in the family court systems today so we're working on it."

"We'll do what we can," she added.

The case between Rutherford and ex-husband Daniel Giersch is still going strong. Today marked a hearing dedicated to deciding attorneys' fees, and the two have countless other court proceedings over the next few months.

—Reporting by Vanessa McDonald

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