Lauryn Hill

United States Marshals Service

Has Lauryn Hill finally resolved her tax troubles?

The singer has paid off a court-ordered retribution sum of $554,000 that she owed the IRS, Reuters reports.

Hill apparently did so just before her scheduled appearance in court on Monday in Newark, N.J., for a sentencing hearing on tax-evasion charges.

In addition to the money she owed the federal government, the former Fugees frontwoman is said to have also paid additional state taxes and penalties, bringing the total amount to more than $900,000.

Last month, Hill's attorney told the court that the singer had repaid $50,000 so far and her hearing was postponed until May 6 to give her more time to pay off the rest.

Hill pleaded guilty in June of 2012 to failing to report approximately $1.8 milliion earned between 2005 and 2007.

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