Justin Bieber


This guy was only reiterating what Justin Bieber already knew—Beliebers are "a little crazy."

E! News confirms that a young man rushed up on the singer's stage during Biebs' concert in Dubai at the Sevens Stadium tonight, in an attempt to grab the star, and knocked a huge piano down in the process.

But no need to worry, J.B. is OK.

"All is fine," Bieber's rep tells us. "A man ran on stage during 'Believe' and tried to grab Justin and knocked the piano over. He was a fan. Security detained the young man. All was fine and Justin continued the show." 

One fan caught some of the action on their phone, and later posted it on Vine. The short clip shows Bieber singing on stage, while security rush to lift the piano up from the ground. According to local reports, the piano was unplayable for the remainder of the show. 

After a three-minute break, Bieber returned to the stage for an encore and finished the concert with "Boyfriend" and "Baby."

—Reporting by Marc Malkin

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