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Matt Lauer Dances, Talks Media Scrutiny & Reveals Advice He Got From President Bush

Matt Lauer is more used to delivering the news and asking the questions.

So, as Ellen DeGeneres pointed out during an interview with the Today host, airing Monday, it's got to be strange when he ends up being the subject of media scrutiny.

Asked if he pays attention to what people say about him, however, Lauer said, "Not really, to be honest with you."

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"In the beginning I did," he admitted, "and I don't pay that much attention to it anymore because there is so much else to pay attention to. We just came through a period here where we were all over the place.

"Between Boston and the tragic story there and West Texas," Lauer said. "We came off Newtown. I was in Dallas last weekend for the opening of the Bush Presidential Center. So, to be perfectly honest, I just don't have the time to give it all that attention. I think it's better anyway."

And while he was in Dallas, he received a few words of wisdom from the 43rd president of the United States himself.

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"President Bush said something to me in passing, which I thought was really nice," Lauer recalled. "He said, 'Don't let the loud voices get you. I think that's kind of a lesson for all of us. I think to the people in the middle.

"The people that love you too much, you can't really trust them. The people that don't love you that much you shouldn't listen a lot to either. So I kind of stay in the middle with my friends and family."

And, figuring he had already broken his no-dancing vow with PSY earlier today, Lauer cut a rug with Ellen, too.

"The pressure to dance on this show," he cracked.

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