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    Save FNL: Ben Silverman Has Balls, Thanks to You Fans

    Taylor Kitsch, Friday Night Lights NBC / Paul Drinkwater

    You fellow Friday Night Lights fans know that WWRD—"What would Riggins do?"—is a solid mantra to live by.

    But the question of the day is, what would you do for Tim Riggins? (Ladies, that says "for," not "to," though as always, we welcome your Riggins-related fan fiction in the Comments.)

    The answer is nothing short of amazing. You fans are incredible and devoted, and here is the proof...

    I just checked in with the superstars over at, and in just the few days since we learned we might lose Friday Night Lights, they have arranged the following:

    • Some 6,250 minifootballs (below) are spiraling their way toward Ben Silverman as we speak.
    • NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker will soon be receiving 7,500 minifootballs.
    • The Any Soldier website will be distributing 42 Friday Night Lights DVDs to troops stationed overseas, thanks to the funding of FNL fans.
    • Friday Night Lights fans have also contributed to the following organizations:

    It's so touching I could cry. Please, if you haven't seen it yet, check out and contribute to the cause. (You could also take a look at if you haven't yet, because that show might need a little fan love, too.)

    As for the current status of FNL, I can tell you that according to inside sources, no deal has been hammered out yet regarding a third season. However, the idea of the previously reported multiplatform approach is still on the table, and the power players and critics remain hopeful that something can be done to save one of TV's best-ever series.

    Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't Lose...Right?

    In the meantime, Silverman and Zucker, you might want to look into some storage space...and a good time slot for this awesome, fan-favorite series.

    —Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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