Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio are BFFs in real life, but they're both pretty busy dudes.

So when the A-listers got to team up and work together on The Great Gatsby, they were pretty excited! Maguire, who plays Nick Carraway in the flick, told E! News' Alicia Quarles and Jason Kennedy on Wednesday making the film was "a great opportunity" for the lifelong pals to hang out.

But, don't think the duo cut loose and partied quite like their on-screen personas. "[When we] stopped rolling, I went home and went to bed!" Maguire said with a laugh. "I was tired. I had two kids at home, and I was working 14 hours a day. So, I was tired."

Fair enough! As for what Maguire thought of playing a character set in the 1920s? "It was amazing," he gushed. "The sets were spectacular…When you really got in and looked at all the little details, it was amazing."

OK, now we really wanna see the movie.

Tune in to E! News Thursday at  7 p.m. for much more from The Great Gatsby's NYC premiere.

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