Inside Lindsay Lohan's Rehab: Pics of Where She's Spending the Next 90 Days!

    Morningside Recovery, Lindsay Lohan; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    You had to figure Lindsay Lohan wouldn't be voluntarily spending the next 90 days just anywhere.

    The actress is required to show proof of enrollment in a live-in treatment program by 8:30 a.m. Thursday—and E! News learned today that she has picked Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, Calif., to serve out her sentence for reckless driving and lying to a peace officer, stemming from a car crash last summer.

    And judging by this exclusive glimpse inside the facility, there may be no place like home but there could be such a thing as cozy rehab accommodations.

    Morningside Recovery, Lindsay Lohan
    Morningside Recovery, Lindsay Lohan

    Morningside's primary women's recovery residences are three private homes on Newport's Lido Isle on a street across from the bay.

    Morningside Recovery, Lindsay Lohan

    According to Morningside's website, Lohan is allowed to bring personal items such as an iPod and a hairdryer in addition to clothes (there's a reminder that the weather doesn't get much warmer than 70 degrees around the beach), shoes and toiletries to make her feel more at home. Cell phones and laptops are only allowed once they've been deemed "clinically appropriate."

    Patients are not supposed to bring any prescription or over-the-counter medications or any items, including mouthwash, that contain alcohol.

    No word on whether there's the closet space to accommodate her "270 looks", but otherwise the accommodations look fairly comfortable.

    Morningside Recovery, Lindsay Lohan

    Also per the site, patients (or "clients") are assigned an addiction case manager and a primary therapist, with whom they have a one-on-one session to determine their treatment needs moving forward.

    In addition to therapy sessions, there are organized group activities such as kayaking, hiking and outings to places like Disneyland, and patients are given opportunities to jog, surf and otherwise spend time outdoors.

    Meanwhile, Lohan is hitching a ride from New York to Los Angeles on a friend's private plane after missing her commercial flight earlier today. Morningside admits residents 24 hours a day.

    Morningside Recovery, Lindsay Lohan
    Morningside Recovery, Lindsay Lohan

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