Game of Thrones, Photobomb


Leave it to a Walking Dead star to bring a little life to a picture.

That's just what Norman Reedus did when he playfully decided to photobomb Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey as they posed for a shot with fans at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo over the weekend.

And no, those aren't rabbit ears behind that blurred image of the actor's raised hand.

"I photo bombed," Reedus wrote for the caption when he posted the photo to his Facebook page on Monday.

And it looks as if the female fan in the pic had no problem with the actor's decision to have a little fun.

"Holy s--t, we're famous!" Kimberly Whitlock Cheung wrote to Reedus. "Thank you, Norman, for making our day so amazing!"

Thank you, indeed.

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