Girl on Top, Emily Deschanel, Kristin Kreuk, Jennifer Morrison, Anna Silk

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The claws are coming out!

We're down to the elite 8 in our 2013 Girl on Top Tournament, and the competition is fiercer than ever before!

Not only are two real-life sisters still in the running (Hey, Zooey and Emily Deschanel!), but a fictional mother-daughter duo from Once Upon a Time and a Lost Girl fan-favorite couple are still in the running to be crowned TV's top lady. Also fighting for your votes are Beauty and the Beast's Kristin Kreuk and Big Bang Theory's funny girl Kaley Cuoco. Man, we are getting anxiety just thinking about voting, which is where you come in!

Round three ends Wednesday, May 1 at 9 p.m. PT.  Remember to input the captcha at the end of the poll before voting. Now vote like you've never voted before—your favorite TV ladies need you!

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