Being a feminist means different things to different people.

To volleyball star Gabrielle Reece, it means taking on a "submissive" role in her 15-year-old marriage to surfer Laird Hamilton. On Thursday, Reece, 43, dropped by Chelsea Lately to defend the controversial message in her book, My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper: A Guide to the Less Than Perfect Life.

"What I said was that I was choosing to take on this service or submissive role [in my marriage], and the feminists took it out of context," she explained.

"I think that it's nice of one person to take on the female [role] and one person takes on the male [role]," she added.

As far as what that means in the bedroom? Well, Chelsea Handler asked her guest, "You guys still have a lot of penetration?"

"We do," Gabrielle answered with a laugh. "I talk about it in the book. That's a very important part of a relationship—sex on a regular basis."

Get it, girl!

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