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It's finale season, time for tuxedos for no reason.

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got juicy scoop on several of your favorite shows' upcoming finales, including a Glee couple update, mayhem on Grey's Anatomy and a new New Girl romance! But we've also got scoop on the new seasons of Breaking Bad and Teen Wolf, as well as Beauty and the Beast spoilers on fan favorite couple Vincent and Catherine, Chicago Fire goodies and more.

Craig: All's been quiet on the Breaking Bad spoilers front…what gives?
We were just waiting for good news! And here it is: Breaking Bad's new season will premiere on Sunday, August 11. The bad news is that it's the final eight episodes of the series. But we have no doubt that Walter and Co. will make these last moments really count.

Nancy: So I think it was pretty impossible to not get a soft spot for Bram after last weeks crazy episode. Any scoop about their future?
Don't get too comfy in that "Sam and Brittany" forever T-shirt. Santana will make another appearance in Brittany's life, and just in time for the finale. Naya Rivera recently told us at the NewNowNextAwards that Glee is wrapping season four any day now, and we hear there will be lots of Brittana stuff going down. And speaking of Rivera, she said some sweet words about costar Cory Monteith's decision to enter rehab, and we have to pass them along. "I sent him my best wishes through Lea [Michele]. I wish him the best," she says. "And I am so proud of him for taking the steps to get better. Everyone is really rallying behind him."

Kassy: The photos you posted from New Girl's flashback episode were priceless! Got scoop on the finale?
Whenever we feel sad, we just look at those photos of Nick in the "Virgins" episode and we feel instantly better. Now, moving on to the New Girl finale: We've already told you that there's both Nick-Jess and Cece-Schmidt stuff going down in the season-two ender, but what about poor ol' Winston? We asked Lamorne Morris if he was getting a genuine love interest soon, and here is what he told us: "Probably. In the finale I allude to some things." What if it's Winston who breaks up the wedding because he's secretly been in love with Cece the whole time? Talk about your twist endings.

Kerry: Any Grey's Anatomy finale scoop you can share?
The doctors find themselves in over their heads when a slew of Seattle Grace's machines, specifically ventilators, stop working and patients' frantic loved ones are called upon to help out. In one word: mayhem.

Teen Wolf


Holly: Living for all your Teen Wolf spoilers! Got any more?
Danger, danger! Tyler Posey teases that someone close to Scott will be put in a lot of danger in the latter half of the new season. "There's trouble with Scott's mom," he says. "Like she's in danger and he needs to go rescue her." Yikes.

Hilary: Not loving a Beauty and the Beast spoiler I read about Vincent getting jealous over Catherine spending time with Gabe. Should VinCat fans be worried?!
We don't think so, though the duo will be spending a lot of time together in the next few episodes. "There's totally a legitimate connection between them," executive producer Jennifer Levin says of Cat and Gabe. "There's a legitimate connection. It may not be romantic, but there's definitely a connection." P.S. Check back with us a bit later today for some "sexy" scoop on Vincent and Catherine!

Franie J.: Do you have any scoop on Casey from Chicago Fire? Please tell us something! P.S. I always ask and you never ever tell us ANYTHING! How can that be?!
Maybe your email got lost in the mail? Never fear, because we are answering your scoop-request now, and it has to do with the season finale! Casey and Severide will be forced to work together (their favorite thing!) when a prison catches on fire and they must save the inmates. Easier said than done, as these criminals are folks doing serious time for some serious crimes. And then there's that whole hostage situation. Needless to say, this season finale, which could be a series finale, could very well end in a cliffhanger.

Belinda: SO many TV reunions happening! What happened with the Friday Night Lives movie?
We just talked to Aimee Teegarden for an update on the FNL movie, and here is what she had to say: "As far as a script and as far as when and where and how, I don't necessarily know," she told our own Marc Malkin at the Call Me Crazy premiere. "But Veronica Mars got some kickstarter funding, and so that's happening. And Arrested Development [is back]. So I wouldn't say it's too far off!" For the record, Teegarden would jump at the chance to reprise the role of Julie Taylor. "It would be awesome to work with that cast again," she said.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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