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    X-Men: Days of Future Past: Director Bryan Singer Teases Twitpics of Patrick Stewart, Shawn Ashmore on Set

    Bryan Singer Twitter

    Bryan Singer is adding to his growing X file.

    The X-Men: Days of Future Past director has been avidly chronicling his behind-the-scenes adventures on the shoot of the latest entry in the blockbuster mutant saga, which arrives in theaters on July 18, 2014.

    And he's offering up a few more enticing tidbits for the geek squad to nibble on.

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    The director has posted several twitpics of his cast, giving a candid glimpse into the creative process as the production careens toward its wrap date.

    In one photo, star Shawn Ashmore, who plays Iceman, can be seen with little orange "markers" on his face, presumably setting things up for the snazzy CGI effects that will be added later.

    "Tracking," the director captioned the photo simply.

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    In another image, Professor X himself, Patrick Stewart, poses for a photographer for what appears to be publicity stills.

    "Picture before picture," Singer wrote, adding, "Tomorrow it begins."

    Bryan Singer Twitter

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    Singer also snapped a pic of him standing outside a large dome-like set. (Could this perhaps be Cerebro, the device-cum-circular chamber that Professor X utilizes to detect both mutants and humans?)

    The director certainly seems to be on a roll: Just last week, he gave fans their first glimpse of Nicholas Hoult as Beast.

    To which we can only say: Keep 'em coming, kind sir. Keep 'em coming.

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