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Fixing up your car could draw some unwanted attention, Prince Jackson

The King of Pop's 16-year-old son learned early on in his driving career that modifying his vehicle—although cool-looking and may attract the ladies—can also be illegal, after getting pulled over by an LAPD officer yesterday.

According to the paparazzo on the scene, Jackson was heading to Fatburger with his younger brother, Blanket, and cousin Royal, when the cop noticed the customized lights on the grill of his new truck.

Prince, a newbie on the road, handed the officer his driving permit and was told to remove the customized tint on his fog lights. After doing so, he was let go with a warning.

E! News reached out to the LAPD, who tell us they have no information at the moment.

No need to pimp your ride to look cool, Prince. Just keep wearing those muscle tees and you'll be fine.

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