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    Obsessions: Dita Von Teese's Vintage-Style Journal

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    Dita Von Teese, Journal
    Dita Von Teese, Journal Denise Truscello/Getty Images; Courtesy of Dita Von Teese

    Looking to take a page from the Dita Von Teese style playbook?

    Well, you're in luck because the burlesque queen literally has a few of those pages to offer up.

    E! News recently chatted with the buxom babe at the launch of her new lingerie line in downtown New York City, where Dita revealed that she just can't get enough of one particular must-have item: her vintage-style journal, which she was more than happy to show us.

    And, like its owner, the memento is a real beaut.

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    Reaching over to grab her purse, Dita pulls out a blood-orange, pocketbook-size journal, her delicate, lithe fingers seductively grazing the item's contours as she leafs through its pages.

    The notebook has become a repository of sorts of random musings, observations and screeds. Consider it a voyeuristic, keyhole peep into the alluring id of this burlesque minx.

    "I write down favorite words and phrases and mantras and things," she tells us. "Or if I hear a quote that I like that I wanna be reminded [of]. I have lots of beauty quotes in here."

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    Glimpse a snapshot of the diary, above, and you'll spy her personal aphorisms like "Perfume underlines the femininity of a woman" and "Perfume is the veil of glamour," along with scribbles such as "creamy sandalwood," "smoky patchouli" and "bergamot"

    "The last thing I wrote down…," she confides to us before trailing off mid-thought as she flips through her journal, "I was writing things about my perfume." (Her new fragrance, Rouge, launched last fall.)

    "And I wrote down 'graceful and feminine.' I write down all the ingredients, and words that I think encapsulate the feel."

    Clearly, her thoughts these days are perfumed by the allure of an olfactory sensuality, her journal betraying a gossamer essence of the scent of a woman.

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