Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy's Kids "Have a Special Relationship," Gushes The Heat Star

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    Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, The Heat
    Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, The Heat 20th Century Fox

    If you've seen the trailer for The Heat, then you already know that it's your favorite movie of 2013. And we can happily confirm that is all the best parts of Bridesmaids mixed with all the best parts of Miss Congeniality (i.e., it's flawless). 

    Which almost makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with the idea to pair Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy up for a buddy cop comedy.

    "We literally had never met before. We talked to each other on the phone," Melissa revealed to us last night during MTV's Sneak Peek Week (airing all this week at 11 p.m. on MTV).

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    She continued, "The first time I talked to her on the phone, I thought, I kind of love her, like I hope this isn't going to take a weird change...We had a weird thing where no matter what I said to her, I knew she didn't take it personally and she'd throw it back."

    Sandra Bullock X17

    And the duo weren't the only ones bonding during filming: Sandra's son Louis, 3, and Melissa's two daughters, Vivian, 5, and Georgette, 3, become close friends

    "Louis was my Georgie's first friend her own age. And all three of our kids, my two kids and her boy, they still play together," Melissa told us. "They have a special relationship."

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    Director Paul Feig weighed in, "Louis' really protective of her too."

    Melissa: "Very! Very protective of both girls. He literally does the straight arm and pushes you away and puts his hands up and backs the girls up." 

    Paul: "He punched out two paparazzi during filming."

    Melissa, laughing: "True! You're not going to want to mess with Louis. He's a tough cookie."

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    Now that everyone's so close, it'd practically be a crime not to give us a sequel, right? Despite the fact that the movie hasn't even come out yet (trust us, you'll love it and want a sequel).

    "We've become quite good friends," Melissa told us about working with Sandra. "I think there's no working that, either you hit it off like that or you don't. And we just happened to. Which made it so ridiculously fun!"

    As for that sequel, Paul revealed, "Ya know, all I can say is one's being written right now and let's just hope that people show up for the first one."

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