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Meghan McCain Blasts Ann Coulter for Joking She Should Be Murdered

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Meghan McCain, Anne Coulter
Meghan McCain, Anne Coulter Nicholas Hunt/PatrickMcMullan.com/Sipa Press; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Having differences of opinion is one thing. But if you ask Meghan McCain, Ann Coulter's brand of over-the-top rhetoric went too far.

The Daily Beast columnist took to Twitter to slam the conservative firebrand for jokingly suggesting she should be murdered in Coulter's latest online screed.

"Apparently, Ann Coulter made a joke about me being killed in a recent column," she tweeted yesterday. "I should expect nothing less but disgusted regardless."

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The blog post in question titled, "Liberals Go Crazy for the Mentally Ill," focused on gun control and was originally published on the Fox Nation website.

In it Coulter wrote, "MSNBC's Martin Bashir suggested that Republican senators need to have a member of their families killed for them to support the Democrats' gun proposals. (Let's start with Meghan McCain!)."

In the wake of the outcry over the McCain reference, Fox has since deleted the commentary, though it remains up at annecoulter.com.

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As the daughter of Sen. John McCain and a conservative herself (though socially liberal), McCain didn't take kindly to the aside, quip or not.

"My father is a very famous politician. My family gets a lot of threats. Joking about me being killed really isn't funny or appropriate," the MSNBC contributor added.

But McCain didn't stop there. Here's what else she had to say:

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"A little perspective this morning," the pundit tweeted. "People like ann coulter are part of the past and only live to spread hate and negativity.

"I literally [c]ouldn't imagine living a life that seems so void of love, compassion, and perspective," she continued, adding, "Basically I get to wake up every day wanting to make [t]his world a better place and people like her want to make it a worse place. I feel blessed to have not grown to be a person like that."

She wound up with "Have a wonderful day! And if you want to see how mad my amazing mom gets when ann coulter makes killing jokes -look at @cindymccain feed! Xo."

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Meghan's mother, Cindy McCain, also piled on. "@AnnCoulter you are incredible despicable. You want my child @MeghanMcCain to die because she disagrees with you? #no respect #sick#crazy.

"@AnnCoulter thinks my daughter @MeghanMcCain should die because she is strong and disagrees with you," Cindy continued her rant. Do you have kids? How would you feel?"

It should be noted that Coulter's line about Bashir twisted the MSNBC host's question to Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings during a segment on the latter's show.

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As Mediaite pointed out, the journalist was simply making a rhetorical point when he asked the congressman if a person had to experience a personal tragedy involving firearms in order to get behind gun control. But the right-wing agitator interpreted Bashir literally, apparently suggesting he was advocating Republicans' murder.

Coulter so far is remaining mum on the controversy. A rep for Fox News was also unavailable to comment on the matter.

All we can say is: Stay classy, Ann.

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