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    Nick Lachey's Advice to Boy-Banders: "Stay Away From Taylor Swift!"

    Nick Lachey, Taylor Swift John Shearer/Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

    Listen up, Harry Styles!

    98 Degrees' Nick Lachey has some wise advice for the newest generation of boy bands: Do not date Taylor Swift !

    In an interview with MTV News last week, Lachey's bandmate, Jeff Timmons, diplomatically suggested to the guys of One Direction, The Wanted and any soon-to-be world-famous fivesome we've momentarily forgotten, "Surround yourselves with good people."

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    "I mean, not to get too serious about it, but that's one thing that I think that we didn't always have," Timmons added. "We didn't always have folks looking out for us the right way. Surround yourselves with good people; enjoy the ride."

    Sound advice. But Lachey tailored his tips to the boy bands of today. "And stay away from Taylor Swift!" he quipped. "She'll write a song about you... Oh! I'm too late on that one. I didn't get to [that advice] fast enough. [The song will] be a hit, but it will be about you."

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    The 39-year-old hunk does have some empathy for the current generation of boy-banders, though. "I'm very thankful we didn't have any of the Twitter and camera phones and all that stuff when we were going through it the first time, 'cause that's a whole 'nother element that we didn't have to deal with," he explained. "A lot of respect for these guys who have to deal with that as young people; that's really tough."

    No kidding! Twitter be damned.

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