Pastor Judah Smith, Justin Bieber

Sure, Justin Bieber's used to dealing with throngs of worshipful fans singing his praises.

But when it comes to his own life of spiritual worship, the popster's religious roots go deep.

E! News' Jason Kennedy recently chatted with the "Beauty and a Beat" crooner's longtime pastor, Judah Smith of The City Church in Kirkland, Wash., and the spiritual leader opened up about Bieber's ties to their Christian faith, and to their own unique connection with each other.

Turns out, Smith's voice was a literally a lullaby of sorts to Bieber when the pop-star-in-the-making was growing up.

But first, let's backtrack a bit: Smith—who has just written a new book called Jesus Is…—tells us that he crossed paths with Bieber's family when the singer's mom, Pattie Mallette, gave him a phone call to let him know that they were in Washington and wanted to meet with him.

According to Smith, when he finally spoke with Mallette, he learned that years ago—back when Biebs was much younger—she and her son had attended a conference where he spoke, and that she had purchased some of his inspirational recordings.

"So I went up there, and come to find out him and his mom had been to a conference years ago," Smith recalls. "And she got some of my tapes, literally tapes not CDs, and would play them as he was going to sleep." (Quite the lullaby, indeed.)

It appears that the pastor left a strong imprint on the budding performer, even at such a young age.

"When I met him, one of the first things Justin said was, 'Do you remember meeting me?'" Smith said about finally chatting with the much older Bieber face to face.

"And I said, 'Well, I don't.' He said, 'Well, you'd put me to sleep at night.'"

These days, Smith says, the two value their tight spiritual bond. "Justin and I share Scriptures on a regular basis and communicate," Smith reveals. "And I think you find a lot of comfort and clarity in the Scriptures."

In matters of faith, it seems, the Believe crooner lives up to his hit album's moniker.

For more of our exclusive interview with Pastor Judah Smith, check out E! News tonight at 7 and 11:30 p.m.

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