Joel McHale knows what makes for a good laugh, and that includes putting his manhood in the line of fire. Literal fire.

E! News has exclusively obtained footage of The Soup host setting his guy-parts on fire (yes, of course he's wearing pants. He's not crazy!) as a test for a scene he'll be shooting for his upcoming film A Friggin Christmas Miracle

In the clip, we see McHale standing in a yard with his legs spread shoulder-width apart while a man prepares to squirt his crotch region with flammable fluid. 

Right before lighting up his family jewels, Joel goes over some safety procedures, and he deadpans that if something goes wrong, he knows what to say: "I go, 'Don't do anything. I'd like to continue to be on fire.'"

Shortly after, the same (lucky) man that prepped the area for flames, grabbed a blow torch and McHale was lit!

He then runs backwards, nonchalantly saying, "Oh, oh no. I'm on fire."

Take a look!

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