Gwyneth Paltrow is very particular about what she feeds herself—but she insists that she isn't imposing all of her dietary standards on her kids.

In an interview airing tomorrow on Dr. Oz, Dr. Mehmet Oz asked the Goop goddess about the elimination diet she supposedly put her entire family on, prompting critics to go so far as call her "a bad mom."

First of all, Paltrow says, the elimination diet rumor is not true.

"What it is," she explains, "is that my son [Moses] has very bad eczema and he's allergic to gluten and he's allergic to cow dairy. I try at home to make everything gluten-free for him because the difference in his comfort is unbelievable when he's sticking to what he's meant to be eating."

So we can presume that Apple is eating more than apples, then?

"I don't know where they get some of this stuff!" Paltrow continues. "They say I don't give my kids carbs, and I'm feeding them seaweed…I have no idea. But they eat Oreos, too, and they're normal kids."

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