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Amanda Bynes: I'm Suing "Every News Source That's Saying I'm Doing Anything Wrong"

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Amanda Bynes, Twit Pic
Amanda Bynes, Twit Pic Twitter

Amanda Bynes is fed up with the snark and faux concern coming from the media.

So much so, in fact, that on Wednesday, the 27-year-old actress vowed to sue any outlets reporting her as exhibiting "erratic behavior" or claiming she is "living my life wrong in anyway."

"I'm suing every blog, every magazine, every news source that's saying I'm doing anything wrong 'erratic behavior' is not me!" the former Nickelodeon star wrote in a lengthy tweet. "I'm suing In Touch, Us Weekly, Perez Hilton for hiring paparazzi who follow me then take the worst photos with the worst angles." (This is not the first time she's threatened legal action against certain tabloids for their negative coverage of her.)

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"I'd like to put up their worst photos on my twitter until they only start putting up my twitter photos," she reiterated, "when writing a story when there is NO story, just an awful photo posted with instead of a caption."

"They say I have erratic behavior when I do NOTHING wrong," she added. And to be fair, there isn't anything wrong with piercings, blow-outs, the occasional smoke, wigs or even socks and sandals. "There's NOTHING with my life, other than you putting up awful candid photo after photo."

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"I'm working out," she explained. "it's hard getting in shape with an eating disorder."

"Please follow me on twitter then look forward to be sued if you if say I have erratic behavior or am living my life wrong in anyway," she concluded.

Got it, chicky. But if you ever need to talk, I'm just a tweet away.

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