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    Elysium Trailer: Five Awesome Reasons to Watch Matt Damon's Sci-Fi Epic With Jodie Foster

    Who needs the Terminator when you have Matt Damon?

    The first full-length trailer for Elysium is in the wild. And by the looks of the robotic exoskeleton the actor's sporting in this highly anticipated sci-fi adventure, fans of director Neill Blomkamp can rest assured he's going to deliver a worthy second film following 2009's critically acclaimed District 9.

    Here are five kickass things about Elysium that have us excited:

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    1. Occupy Takes Sci-Fi! The Occupy movement that took Wall Street by storm in 2011 and pointed out the growing inequality among the classes is actually a long and storied theme in cinematic science fiction dating as far back as Fritz Lang's Metropolis. In this case, the "1 percent" are those privileged few living out leisurely and healthy lives on the space habitat Elysium, while the 99 percent are stuck in a decaying, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken Earth.

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    2. Bald With a Bullet: Damon's shaved-head hero, Max Coburn, wants to buck the Elysium people's tough anti-immigration laws, which maintain their luxurious lifestyle, and travel to the space station so he can level out the playing field for the rest of humanity. For that, he'll need a little help…and hardware.

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    3. Cyborg Alert! As the Inception-aping teaser shows, before he sets out on his dangerous mission to "break into the most heavily guarded place in the universe," as Max puts it, he's given a powerful weapon, metal armor that assimilates with his body. "Whoever has this, has the power to override their whole system," says one of Coburn's cohorts. Move over, Jason Bourne. Meet the new Six Million Dollar Man.

    Elysium Youtube

    4. Robot Wars: Before he can get to Elysium, Coburn and his supersuit must contend with a host of robotic baddies. But looking at the fire power Damon deploys here, we don't think he'll have too much of a problem.

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    5. She's Not Retiring, Just Gunning for Mayor: The villain in all of this is Elysium's mayor, Secretary Jessica Delacourt, played with hardened resolve by Jodie Foster, who throws everything she's got at Coburn in order to stop him from destroying the status quo. Let's just hope her character gives a speech as exciting as the one Foster gave at this year's Golden Globes!

    Elysium, which also costars Sharlto Copley from District 9 fame, Diego Luna, William Fichtner and Alice Braga, invades theaters on Aug. 9.

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