Martha Stewart

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Haute Living

Turns out, even Martha Stewart can't escape the allure of Ryan Gosling's charm.

The cooking queen—whose instructional series Martha Bakes and Martha's Cooking School premiere on PBS today—recently revealed her pop culture obsessions to Entertainment Weekly, dishing on the TV shows she loves to watch while crafting up her yummy concoctions.  

"I have a big TV in my kitchen, so I can do canning or make jam. That takes hours and hours, and I can watch Homeland, all 13 episodes [at once]."

Another favorite? Fellow PBS show Downton Abbey. "It's a soap opera, but there are no grammatical mistakes,"  she says.

And despite having been in the biz for years, the 71-year-old baker still has fangirl moments and hunky actor obsessions like the rest of us:

"I was into Ryan Gosling for quite a while," she confesses. "I watched every one of his movies," she admits, naming Ides of March as one of her favorites. 

Unfortunately, we doubt Martha's PBS series will have any Ryan Gosling cameos, but the practical cooking show will teach viewers the true art of baking.

"Baking is an exact science," Stewart explains. "This is a real instructional show. I want people to really learn how to cook. There are so many programs that have all the celebrities on them, and you don't really learn what's being taught."

As for Martha's next move? She's set to film Party Masters, an ABC reality competition show which follows two families who race to plan the best party on a budget.

Talk about a busy lady! 

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