Evil Dead, Jane Levy


This weekend's moviegoers were in the mood for a scare.

Evil Dead, which premiered this week, killed the competition at this weekend's box office, raking in $26 million and knocking G.I. Joe: Retaliation from its number one spot.

The success of the creepy remake of Sam Raimi's 1981 cult classic was a bit of a surprise, considering that it pulled in $2 million more than expected (and garnered some praise from critics), according to USA Today.

Meanwhile, family flick The Croods tied action-packed G.I. Joe for the second spot with $21.1 million. The animated flick has earned a total of $332.6 million globally, making it the second film to do so this year (Oz the Great and Powerful was the first).

Jurassic Park 3-D also got off to an impressive start this weekend, nabbing $18.2 million in its debut.

This is good news for Universal, which is using the 3D re-release to gear audiences up for Jurassic Park IV, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film is set to hit theaters in June 2014.

Here's a complete look at the weekend's top movies, per Friday-Sunday studio estimates and stats as compiled by Box Office Mojo

1. Evil Dead, $26 million

2. The Croods, $21.1 million

3.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation, $21.1 million

4. Jurassic Park 3D, $18.2 million

5. Olympus Has Fallen, $10 million

6. Tyler Perry's Temptation, $10 million

7. Oz the Great and Powerful $8.2 million

8. The Host, $5.2 million

9. The Call, $3.5 million

10. Admission, $2.1 million

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