Michael Weatherly

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Looks like Special Agent DiNozzo is getting an even more special title: father of three. 

NCIS star Michael Weatherly and wife Bojana Jankovic welcomed a baby daughter just last year, and now it turns out little Olivia, whose first birthday is next week, will be joined by a sibling sometime this fall. The actor also has a 17-year-old son, August, with ex-wife Amelia Heinle.

"We're expanding the brand, and so I am pleased to announce...Bojana and I are indeed awaiting our second child [together]," the 44-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight. "We're very excited."

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Michael and Bojana, an internist, wed in 2009. So far the gender of the little one on the way is unknown. 

"We will find out [the baby's sex], but...my wife doesn't even know I've told you," Weatherly joked.

We're pretty sure she does now. 

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