Playing with Fire

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The Koch Brothers brought the Midwest to the big city by flying in their parents and grandma to attend the re-launch of their struggling French restaurant, Chateau Charbuliez. If you can't figure out how to pronounce "Charbuliez," you're not alone – Daniel and Derek spend most of the episode fighting over the right way to say it!

Julie Elkind and her boyfriend Kyle are looking for a new apartment. She is fixated on a beautiful Manhattan high-rise, but he worries that his struggling actor salary of approximately $0 per year won't be enough to cover the rent.

Poor Kyle!

Anna Boiardi has asked the delightful actress-turned-gluten-free-chef Jennifer Esposito to teach her cooking class a gluten-free pasta recipe. Jennifer, unfortunately, forgets a key ingredient to the pasta, which causes Anna to have a small panic attack.

And after finding out that the health commissioner is trying to close down Chateau due to an issue with their liquor license, Daniel addresses the issue by getting on the phone and using the age-old problem-solving technique of yelling non-stop at EVERYONE (mostly Derek). Thankfully, Derek saves the day and they are able to throw the re-launch bash that night.

Here are our TOP FOUR favorite moments from this week:

4. The Koch Brothers' Grandma Cries…
... tears of joy! The Koch Brothers named Chateau Charbuliez in honor of their grandma, and she is ecstatic to see how many people show up to celebrate the re-launch. If you've been keeping track, this makes the series three-for-three in catching someone cry on camera!

3. Jennifer Esposito Has No Idea How to Make Her Cupcake Recipe
Jennifer was delightfully charming, yet terribly absent-minded this week! But while we were laughing, Anna was nearly in tears as her cooking class was taken down a windy road of forgotten ingredients and made-up recipes. After abandoning her initial idea to make gluten-free gnocchi, Jennifer teaches the class how to make gluten-free cupcakes, which, despite her barely remembering the recipe, turn out amazing!

2. Daniel's Mom Scolds Him for Cursing
There is nothing more adorable than watching Daniel's mom scold him like a 5-year-old that just said a "bad" word when Daniel drops the f-bomb a few times as they walk around Times Square. It feels like we got a glimpse into the childhood of the Koch Brothers, and we want more!

1. Kyle Proposes to Julie
After having a rocky dinner with her parents where they drilled him on his career prospects, Kyle pulls it together and asks Julie to marry him. And she says yes! We can only hope that Kyle is smart and doesn't try to contradict ANYTHING Julie plans for what will no doubt be a perfect, OCD-driven wedding.

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