Amanda Bynes

Splash News

Oh dear goodness.

On Amanda Bynes' 27th birthday Wednesday, the actress was snapped taking a picture of the paparazzi and hiding her face. To top that, there was a man in the background holding up a tabloid spread about her asking, "What happened to this child star?"

As you can see, it made for one doozy of a picture.

The Hairspray and She's the Man star has been acting somewhat erratically in recent months, be it calling for Drake to "murder [her] vagina" or claiming she has a redheaded imposter roaming around NYC. She also failed to show up at her suspended license hearing in Burbank, Calif., but a source tells E! News a plea deal is in the works.

No need to kick a girl while she's down. Here's hoping this talented, beautiful young woman can get the help she needs to get her life back on track.

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