Chris Abbott, Girls

Jessica Miglio/HBO

Fans of Marnie and Charlie's relationship on Girls might want to shield their eyes right

Christopher Abbott will not return for Girls' third season, HBO confirms to E! News. And a source who works on the show tells us that Lena Dunham might be the reason behind the exit.

The source confirms that Abbott had "creative differences" with the Girls creator and star, and that the decision for him to leave was "fairly mutual."

While on the carpet for the Girls premiere in Janurary, Abbott talked to us about his character and how Dunham handled the change from the first season to the second season.

"Lena kind of set a tone to not change [the show] at all. We kind of went about it the same way we did the first season. Everyone was kind of just about the work," he says. "Lena sets the guidelines pretty straight, so she makes it kind of easy to go along with it. But she's very open about it; it's a very open table with her and everyone."

Abbott has played Marnie's (Allison Williams) on -gain, off-again boyfriend Charlie since season one. In the season-two finale, they even had a dramatic reunion, with Charlie telling her: "I love you: Maybe I'm an idiot for it, but I always have." 

Looks like the two's plans to stay together forever have been cut short. Girls season three is currently in production.

The New York Post first reported the news of Abbot's exit.

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