Kevin Ware, Twitter


Despite suffering a gruesome leg injury during last Sunday's basketball game against Duke, University of Louisville player Kevin Ware continues to remain positive.

"I'll be back next season," the 20-year-old guard said on Thursday's Good Morning America as he recalled that moment when he came down on his leg horribly wrong.

"I saw the bone six inches out of my leg. I didn't feel any pain. It didn't hurt. Honestly, it didn't hurt. It was just scary," Ware insisted. "It was probably one of the scariest moments in my life."

And Ware, who underwent a two-hour surgery to reset his bone and have a rod inserted into his tibia, has no desire to ever watch a replay of what happened to him.

"I never will. I kind of feel like if I see the video, it will just hold me back mentally from where I need to be, trying to recover from this," he said. "The last thing I want is that if I'm trying to be on the basketball court again."

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