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Finding Nemo's Long-Awaited Sequel: Here's Everything We Want to See in Finding Dory

Finding Nemo is finally getting a sequel!

And who cares that it doesn't come out until 2015, because we're excited now.

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Yes, Dory, we just said we were excited. We're, like, really, really excited.

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First off, we have to get this out of the way: OK, we're super excited (see above) that the gang is returning for a sequel. But, why we gotta lose Dory? She has short-term memory loss, which is basically like a brain injury, and we're just going to lose her?

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Seems exploitative.

Double but...

We're still excited! And here's everything we want to see in the sequel:

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1. A full-on musical number! We know Dory has the pipes ("Just keep swimming," etc.), so let's add some jazz hands to it! Let's throw in some background singers! Some dancers! A bridge! A leotard! Another fished voiced by Beyoncé for a duet! Why not?!

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2. We want to learn what other dialects Dory can speak, aside from whale (obviously). Like, specifically, can Dory speak manatee?

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3. If Nemo is returning as well, that's fine, but we're going to need that fish to relax.

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Here are some other characters we definitely want to return:

5. Nemo's classmates. Especially the obnoxious one. And somebody definitely better ink themselves.

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Never gets old.

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6. Crush. 

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7. This bubble hoarder (whose name, we believe, is Bubbles). Imagine him tweaking out when he sees whale bubbles or some other giant sea creature bubbles. Or maybe there are no bubbles—and he has to enter Bubbles Anonymous! (We don't know, we're not being paid to write this.)

And one thing we definitely don't want to see:

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We've been there, done that and that nonsense was traumatizing. Our Dory, our choice!

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