Devin Velez, Nicki Minaj

FOX, Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Devin Velez isn't taking his elimination from American Idol personally. What's more, he's not letting what judge Nicki Minaj had to say or tweet about his performance last week bother him, either.

"I think she's Nicki Minaj and she goes as far as she's wanting to go," the bilingual crooner said during an appearance on Today this morning.

Following his ousting after Minaj opted to not use her one season save on the talented contestant, Velez wound up in a bit of a Twitter feud with the Pink Friday singer.

"The way my mother raised me is that when people are talking about you, it's not really about you and you shouldn't take offense," Velez said. "So when she was saying, like, 'You forgot your lyrics and you were off-pitch,' with all due respect, I wasn't off pitch, nor did I forget my lyrics."

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Despite no longer being on the show, Velez is still proud of how far he got.

"I think that I had a great run," he said. "I think I did my best."

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