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    (Updated!) Vine Show: Dexter Finale Shocker, Brothers Misbehavin' and More

    Dexter Peter Iovino/Showtime

    Take me seriously when I say: Do not even think about clicking into this item if you haven't already seen the second-season finale of Dexter. Get it? Got it? Good. Now, get in here...

    I know. I KNOW! Are you dying? I died.

    The season ender of Dexter was simply killer and, my friends, that's not just bad wordplay. From start to finish, Dexter is quite simply one of the most brilliantly wrought, tightly plotted, thoughtful, thrilling and amazing shows in the history of television.

    So, to slake your curiosity (and mine) in the wake of that explosive, astonishing finale, I'm giving you Erik King himself, the man who brings Sgt. Doakes to life or, in this case, to extracrispy, stumpified death. Erik is unbelievably charming and great, and I hope you'll enjoy our little sit-down.

    Press play above to tune in for answers to your questions about the finale; stay for scoop on Brothers & Sisters, Greek and Friday Night Lights; take our Dexter poll below and share your own OMGs about the Dexter finale in the Comments; and then, last but not least, come back later today for lots more Dexter goodness from the good Mr. King! Woo!

    9:57 A.M. UPDATE:  But wait! There's more. Thanks to an embarassment of riches from Erik's interview here in WWK headquarters, we had plenty of interesting footage left over after the weekly Vine show was cut. So, if you want to know whether Doakes is really gone for good (and more!), click on the Erik King bonus clip below...

    Dexter Peter Iovino/Showtime