American Idol, Top 8

Michael Becker/FOX

American Idol is down to seven. 

But who was it who failed to connect with the fans after last night's rocky ode to Motown? 

Nicki Minaj ripped into Angie Miller for trying to "show a different side...that didn't need to be shown," but Angie didn't really have the weakest performance. And then, Nicki also thought Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos and Burnell Taylor were absolute crap on their group performance of "I Can't Help Myself."

"I guess we have new boy band in town—and this one's called Wrong Direction," cracked Jimmy Iovine. "This was terrible. What we found out tonight was the difference between the women and the boys."

Jimmy predicted that Lazaro would be going home, but the endearing singer wasn't even in the bottom three last week after turning in the most dreadful performance of the night, so...

We had our doubts.

Sure enough, Lazaro was safe, and it was the end of the road for Devin—albeit not by unanimous decision, as noted by Randy Jackson.

But, as Jimmy pretty much predicted with his judgment of the ladies vs. the guys, it was Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Angie—even after all that tough love from Nicki—and Amber Holcomb who were declared safe first, all in a row.

That left the "Three Tops," Burnell, Devin and Lazaro, in danger.

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