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    Summly Teen Nick D’Aloisio Sells App to Yahoo for $30 Million—Find Out How He's Spending His Earnings!

    Nick D'Aloisio Getty Images/AFP

    It's been a good week for Nick D'Aloisio.

    The 17-year-old Brit, who has been designing apps on and off since the age of 12, is now a multimillionaire after selling his app, Summly, to Yahoo for a cool $30 million.

    He created the app—which provides simple summaries of stories on your mobile device—when he was just 15 years old after realizing many Web pages are formatted for browsing with mouse clicks and desktop computers. 

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    Now, millions of dollars richer and well on his way to a long and successful career, the techie teen stopped by the Today show to talk about his success, his earnings and his business idols.

    "My motivation was never about the money," he admits when asked if he feels different with his newfound wealth. "It was about the technology and the product, so because of that, I don't think going forward it will feel that different."

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    "Well, I can't really touch the money," he says with an adorable boyish grin. "It's in a trust fund with my parents, so I'll be managing it with them."

    Regardless of his earnings, D'Aloisio says he's "excited" he sold to Yahoo because "it's a really great company to be joining."

    "It's gonna be different and it's going to be different being in a larger company…I mean it's my first job basically, but it'll be fun," he adds with a chuckle. 

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    So who does he seek to emulate as he enters the business world with such a promising future ahead?

    "Mark Zuckerberg is obviously very inspirational because he's a young CEO of a big company and he started when he was 19 as well. I think Steve Jobs also is really inspirational for me because he was very persistent in doing what he wanted to do and that's why Apple became what it is."

    Congratulations, Nick! You're well on your way to Steve Jobs-like success. 

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