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    The Wolverine's Full Trailer Is Out: Five Things You Need to Know About Hugh Jackman's Latest Mutant Mission

    Could Logan finally be facing his own mortality?

    The first official full-length trailer for The Wolverine is in the wild, and by the look of the tough trials Hugh Jackman's mutant hero is put through in this latest adventure, he'll be lucky to come out at the end with Adamantium claws intact.

    Here are five things you need to know about Marvel's highly anticipated blockbuster sequel:

    New Wolverine teasers unleashed, hint at major plot points

    Wolverine Trailer 20th Century Fox

    1. A Surprise Visitor: The preview kicks off with Mariko Yashida, the redheaded warrior-daughter of a Japanese crime lord, seeking out Wolverine for reasons unknown only to have Jackman's alter ego declare, "That's not who I am anymore." Given that Logan looks like he just walked off the set of Les Miz sporting that Jean Valjean-style shaggy mane, we might agree with him.

    Wolverine Trailer 20th Century Fox

    2. An Unexpected Gift: Traveling to Japan, Wolverine meets a mysterious man who not only thanks him for saving his life—apparently from an atomic blast—but wants to repay him. The stranger offers Logan a chance to "end his eternity" by making him mortal and ridding him of his mutant self-healing powers. Shades of Superman II anyone?

    Wolverine Trailer 20th Century Fox

    3. He's Not Wolverine Anymore: Logan goes through with the transformation and quickly learns after a fight that, indeed, he bleeds. Further pain follows at the hands of various samurai and other Yakuza henchmen. Is this the end of The Wolverine?

    Hugh Jackman's muscles costar in latest Wolverine poster

    Wolverine Trailer 20th Century Fox

    4. "What I Am Can't Be Undone": Despite having a normal life (and apparently time for love), Logan hasn't entirely lost his Adamantium edge. He and his heavily ripped body put up a good fight against several baddies.

    Wolverine Trailer 20th Century Fox

    5. Wolverines Can Fly! The Wolverine, in fact, may have even added an extra spring in his step as one major action sequence finds him and another villain hurtling through zero Gs on the roof of a bullet train. But the question remains: Will Logan regain his old superpowers?

    Fans will have a chance to find out when The Wolverine, directed by James Mangold (Walk the Line), hits theaters on July 26.

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