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    World War Z Trailer Unleashed! 5 Things Brad Pitt Needs to Do to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

    Forget Nazis. Brad Pitt's killin' zombies. A whole lot of 'em.

    The new trailer for World War Z is in the wild and given the ungodly display of undead here, the Inglorious Basterds star has some grisly work ahead of him if he hopes to stave off a zombie horde.

    Here are five survival tactics we gleaned from the teaser that Pitt's character does to try and save his big-screen family—let alone humanity!

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    World War Z Trailer Courtesy of Youtube

    1. Work for the United Nations: Pitt's charcater, a U.N. worker named Gerry Lane, must have some well-placed connections since, in the trailer's opening, he's able to airlift his wife and two daughters away to safety on a helicopter following a zombie attack—though fortunately for them, not the chopper pictured above.

    World War Z Trailer Courtesy of Youtube

    2. Be a Globe-Trotter: Since the zombie "infection" broke out, it's spreading like wildfire all over the world, so what better way to stay on top of the situation than hopscotching around the globe? In Gerry's case, it's a requirement as he is tasked with digging up information in order to figure out how to stop the zombie outbreak before it's too late. Oh, and holing up on an aircraft carrier is not a bad option either.

    World War Z Trailer Courtesy of Youtube

    3. Don't Go to Russia: Lane heads to what looks like the Caucasus region bordering on Russia where he thinks he can find some "answers." "Russia's a black hole," his friend tells him. As it turns out, what Pitt's character finds, in fact, is a mountain of zombies as the ghouls swarm up the side of a huge wall, piling on top of each other to breach a city's defenses. On second thought, maybe it's best if Brad stays away.

    World War Z poster is out: It's a zombie pileup!

    World War Z Trailer Courtesy of Youtube

    4. Talk to Survivors: In his nightmarish journey, Pitt comes across a prisoner, played by David Morse, living in an abandoned jail. We'd say he looks a little Hannibal Lecter-ish, but Gerry suspects he's a CIA agent. "But they're not with me," replies the prisoner, who appears to offer some pearls of survival wisdom. "Guns are half-measures," the man adds. Let's hope he has some more pertinent info that can stave off the closing doom.

    World War Z Trailer Courtesy of Youtube

    5. Avoid Airplanes: The trailer closes with Gerry on a commercial flight, which, by the rush of zombies that somehow found their way on board, doesn't appear to be a viable option of travel.

    World War Z invades theaters on June 21.

    Brad Pitt on World War Z set