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    David Beckham Takes a Tumble in China

    David Beckham Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

    David Beckham is finally falling for you, too—well, kinda. 

    The British soccer star was caught in what just might be one of the most hilarious and epic photos ever, when photographers snapped Beckham in mid-fall after slipping from kicking a ball during a visit to Wuhan Zall Football Club in China yesterday. 

    Quickly, a couple things come to mind. 

    David Beckham's butt: Just one of many things we love about him

    First off, David looks very handsome with a strong gust of wind going through his hair. Second, the grass stains that are about to make their way on to his nice slacks and dress shirt are going to be a pain for wife Victoria Beckham. Third, we hope he doesn't hurt that arm (or beautiful bum) that's going to break his fall.

    But why is nobody else laughing?

    Beckham is on a five-day visit to China at the invitation of the China Football Association as the Asian nation's first international ambassador. 

    "I'm excited by the prospect of promoting the world's greatest game to Chinese sports fans, as I've seen firsthand the growing interest in football there," Becks reportedly said about his new position. "This is a wonderful sport that inspires people across the world and brings families together, so I'm relishing the opportunity of introducing more fans to the game."

    That's a lovely sales pitch, which, unfortunately he's making directly from the football pitch.

    Oh hey, look at David Beckham showing off his shirtless bod