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    Top Four Moments from This Week's Playing with Fire: The One Where Daniel Cries

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    Playing with Fire
    Playing with Fire E!

    On this week's Playing with Fire we see the Koch Brothers push each other to their limits. Being twins means they are tuned into each other's thoughts and feelings. It ALSO means they know exactly how to push each other's buttons (and it turns out high-powered restaurant entrepreneurs have SO many buttons).

    When Derek finds out that their restaurant Chateau Cherbuliez is potentially going out of business, he struggles to find a way to tell Daniel. Between working out so hard that he throws up, and dealing with Daniel's flakiness (Daniel's idea of being fashionably late to meetings is basically not showing up at all), Derek finds it nearly impossible to break the bad news.

    Candice Kumai makes her debut this week by hosting the release party for her cookbook, Cook Yourself Sexy, and telling everyone who will listen that she is single, hard-working, sexy, hot, fabulous, and sexy.

    Oh, and did we mention that Candice Kumai is sexy?

    Check out Playing with Fire's picks for top restaurants in New York!

    Anna Boiardi continues to bring a high-level of class to everything she does, but between writing cookbooks, being in magazine shoots, and raising a family, she is stretched to a breaking point. When her two-year old son starts sobbing on their way to his first day of school, Anna has trouble keeping it together.

    Julie Elkind continues to bring her cut-throat attitude home from work, which is a constant annoyance to her stay-at-home boyfriend, Kyle, who has trouble defending himself from her onslaught of criticism while lying in bed wearing PJs.

    In their relationship, Julie wears the pants, and Kyle wears the sweatpants!

    Learn how to make Candice Kumai's amazing Whole Roasted Go-To Chicken!

    But none of these moments make our list of highlights from this week! Coming in at number four…

    4. Candice Kumai Ruins a Blind Date
    After Anna is nice enough to set Candice up with a guy she knows, Candice shows up and immediately goes into a long-winded speech about her career. After trying to interject a few times, her date finally gives up and accepts that he will be trapped listening to Candice talk about her latest cookbook for the rest of eternity.

    3. Anna Boiardi Shows Off for a Sexy Photo Shoot
    We get to meet Anna's fabulous publicist who tries to convince Anna to show off her wild side for a Haute Living photo shoot. Anna is resistant, but compromises by going topless… under a white sports jacket. Not exactly "wild," but she gets credit for trying!

    Watch a bonus clip featuring Daniel and his assistants!

    2. Candice Kumai Compares Her Cookbook to a Baby
    Candice's new cookbook Cook Yourself Sexy arrives in the mail, and she compares seeing her book for the first time to a mother seeing her newborn baby for the first time. Which is why if you are thinking about having a baby of your own, maybe hold off and just get a cookbook instead – they're pretty much the same thing!

    1. Daniel Koch Cries
    What do Anna, Anna's baby, and Daniel all have in common? They all broke down crying on camera! After Derek breaks the news that their French restaurant Chateau Cherbuliez will go out of business within two weeks if they don't turn it around, Daniel realizes that he has let his brother down and sheds a few tears. It's touching, and it makes this season two-for-two for catching a star cry on camera!

    Tune in Sundays at 10/9c for new episodes of Playing with Fire!

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