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Editor's note: Season two American Idol finalist Kimberly Caldwell is guest blogging Idol again this week. Read on for her exclusive reactions to last night's top nine performance show!

Beatlemania!!! We are down to just nine Idols, all covering legendary, iconic music. Here's the biggest problem: Half of these youngsters had to learn these smash hits from the most successful pop band in musical history just the night before. Seriously?! Whoa! The fact that they all admitted to this was even more of a shocker. What a no-no! Fake it till you make it, guys! 


1. Kree Harrison graced the stage looking like a true professional. She belongs front and center, and that's where she will hopefully remain until we see her in the finale. Too early to make that prediction? Maybe, but it would be a tragedy if she wasn't standing there at the end. Especially when she gradually refines her whole package each time she appears on our screens every week.
2. Candice Glover showed up to headline this show!! I don't expect any less than pure entertainment from this girl. I had my hands in the air for this chick. Show 'em how it's done, Candice!  
3. Angie Miller stunned me. She proves that if you are a true artist, you can just stand up on a massive stage with a mic stand and stellar vocals and keep us on the edge of our seats. And can we please acknowledge her look? Smokin'! Do what you do, lady! I got your back.
I want to personally make glitter posters for Candice, Kree and Angie. Get it, girls! I'm rooting for you. We'll see you next week, I'm sure! 

1. I never would have believed that Amber Holcomb could go from being one of the frontrunners just last week to now possibly being in trouble. She started off looking very unsure of herself. I kept seeing glimpses of that confident young woman we have all grown to know and love, but then I felt her slip right back into the unconscious place. I could tell it was her first time taking on this song, and I think we all expect more from her at this point in the game. She's stunning, and her voice didn't lack any grace, but she looked defeated up there. We all have moments of weakness, though, and this girl still has more to offer. 

2. Paul Jolley could end up in the hot seat because he continues to confuse us with his self-chosen genre of country. He looked so polished stylewise, but Nicki Minaj tore his performance up, saying he was forgettable and bland. Ouch! She's the only one that just lays it all out there without sugarcoating it, but I wish she had gone on to give him some tips. He is there with open ears to improve, so hopefully she will throw him a bone next week if he's still there. 
3. Lazaro Arbos, with his perfect slick hair and yellow blazer, chose the wrong key again this week. He has a lovely range, but I want to hear him soar up there. His nerves have taken over, and he needs to find a way to turn all that anxiety into power. Where you at, honey?! Come back! 
As for the rest…

Burnell Taylor effortlessly slayed "Let It Be," even though he wasn't really familiar with The Beatles. Made me feel old. Made him look naïve. He proved to be simple yet polished. Nicki was on point when she said he caressed that song.  

How likable is Janelle Arthur? This girl has seriously taken Hollywood by storm. She looks polished from head to toe, yet she's still rockin' the cowboy boots. She is so authentic country. Yeehaw! 

And talk about stepping it up: Devin Velez is not going anywhere without a fight. Finally, a boy rivaling the talent of the ladies this year! He demanded our undivided attention. I'm a fan for life. 

Without Regret, Kimberly Caldwell's debut album on Capitol Records, is available now. You can follow her on Twitter @_kimcaldwell. 

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