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Damian Lewis (Life), Kate Walsh (Private Practice), Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight)

Mitchel Haaseth/NBC, ABC/ERIC OGDEN, Adam Taylor/Warner Bros.

Father, forgive us. We knew not what we were doing.

Well...Sorta, right?!

That's how I'm feeling right now about our initial verdicts on the crop of freshman shows, some of which have lived up to the instant hype and fan love, some of which...have not.

And so, dear tubers, it's time to check back in with our first annual Save It or Sink It Campaign, which was your chance to sound off on which new series are most deserving to stick around (or in this case, to be given another chance once this here writers' strike mercifully comes to an end).

Now that you've seen at least a handful of episodes of the freshman shows, how do you think they stack up? What deserves to live or face the ax?

Sound off in our Save It or Sink It 2007 Second Chances poll, and of course, use the power of the Comments section below to sway the masses!

(You can see how you voted the first time around right here.)