Marilyn Manson

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Marilyn Manson sure likes to make an exit.

The rock star threw a smoke bomb from the window of his car while leaving the Spring Breakers premiere party at Emerson Theater in Los Angeles Thursday night, a source confirms to E! News.

Once smoke hit the air, firemen inspected Manson's "bomb" to make sure it wasn't anything dangerous, and this probably won't be the last time. 

According to the New York Post, throwing smoke bombs has become Manson's "signature move," and has happened before. 

"He did the same thing recently at Greystone Manor," a source told the Post

Manson recently collapsed on stage during a concert in Canada while performing the tune "Beautiful People" during his show's encore in Saskatoon. The band continued to play, assuming it was all part of the act, but once it became clear it wasn't, stagehands rushed out to help.

—Reporting by Brett Malec

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