Prince William


When little girls pretend they're princesses having tea, they sometimes stick a pinky up in the air in an effort to look fancy.

Well, in real life on Sunday, Prince William did just that while sipping sherry. To be fair, the glass the dad-to-be was drinking from was too tiny for all his fingers to fit. Plus, we know Kate Middleton's man was raised with the awareness the pretentious pinky-lift is actually a sign of bad manners.

William and his pregnant wife (no sherry for her!) were in Aldershot in southern England, attending a St. Patrick's Day Parade. And the prince's inadvertent faux pas wasn't the only mishap of their trip: Kate's high heel got stuck in a grate during the parade!

Fortunately, Kate was able to bend down and easily pull her heel out from the grate. She went on to present sprigs of shamrocks to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. Kate also reportedly told a soldier that she's hoping for a boy and William's hoping for a girl.

We're just looking forward to a happy, healthy royal baby!

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