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Alicia Keys Launches Wedge Sneakers Collection With Reebok

Alicia Keys, Reebook Freestyle Hi Wedge A.Keys Collection Courtesy: Reebok

This girl is on fire!

Hot off the heels of kicking off her Set the World on Fire tour last week, Alicia Keys is already busy with her latest project: launching her new shoe collection with Reebok.

And this isn't Keys' first turn as a designer, either. Back in September 2011, she launched her debut Reebok Classic X Alicia Keys collection. This time around, she reworked Reebok's classic Freestyle sneaker, updating it with the oh-so-trendy wedge heel and some lively color choices.

"The Freestyle has always been a part of my style—so I'm really excited to give it even more of an edge," Keys said in a statement. "I'm feeling deeply inspired this year with the new album, tour, and everything that's going on in my life. Creativity is limitless in its possibilities and I love that I get to express myself in a whole new artistic way through the design of these collections."

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Alicia Keys, Reebook Freestyle Hi Wedge A.Keys Collection Courtesy: Reebok

And judging from her punchy designs, we'd say the stylish singer is feeling pretty confident. She strutted her stuff in a notice-me pair of her Freestyle Hi Wedge A. Keys sneakers, which pop with electric touches of hot pink and yellow, at Thursday's launch party in Los Angeles, and posed with her equally vibrant all-red pair at the celebration. A third design featuring a soft shade of blue is perfect for gals who are looking for a slightly less bold wedge.

But if you're all about setting the world on fire in hot-hued shoes, we suggest going for the brighter pairs come April 1, when Keys' collection hits Nordstrom and

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