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    Paris Jackson Goes Goth for Cheerleading Squad, Bums Out After Team Loses Game

    Paris Jackson GoldenEye / London Entertainment / Splash News

    Gimme a G-O-T-H!

    Just like her incomparable father before her, Paris Jackson is carving out a fierce identity all her own. And you don't need to look any farther than the hard court for proof, where Michael Jackson's precocious 14-year-old daughter has been bringing her sassy, rock-tastic vibe to her school's cheerleading squad.

    On Tuesday, the budding punk princess—who unveiled her edgy new look two weeks ago—busted out her pom-poms to rally for her Buckley High School's basketball team as they took on the San Gabriel Academy at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, Calif.

    Paris Jackson flaunts new rocker haircut, daggerlike earring on Twitter

    Later in the game, however, the teen could hardly hide her disappointment after her team lost by just two points.

    It was a vastly different scene from the previous week when a perky Paris was photographed cheering her team to victory, the first time in 80 years that the Buckley Griffins won the CIF Southern Section title.

    If anything, at least the season provided the world with its first glimpse of Paris drawing on her formidable Jackson DNA as she went into all-out performance mode.

    A telling glimpse of great things to come, perhaps?

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