Chris Brown


This one's for you, paparazzi!

After a long weekChris Brown had apparently had enough—so when a photographer approached him in Beverly Hills this afternoon as the singer was getting out of his SUV, he got a glimpse of what a super-annoyed Chris Brown looks like.

It turns out he's a literal handful when he gets angry.

According to the X17online pap who caught Rihanna's main man at a bad time, the Grammy winner didn't address any of his recent adventures, including giving Drake a profane shout-out at a club, exchanging words with a valet attendant over a $10 parking charge or reportedly ditching his bodyguard in Bermuda.

That's not to say Brown didn't say anything, just nothing fit for print, per the photog.

He also acted out his frustration by taking off his shirt (his abs do look imposing), grabbing his crotch in a vulgar fashion and, finally, flipping off the shutterbug, who was snapping away the entire time.

We have a feeling the audio would have been one for the books.

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